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Editors and Copy Editors

Thank you for your interest in an editorial position at Samhain Publishing. We are currently looking to hire both content editors and final line (copy) editors. These positions are contract (freelance) and are paid per project (based on a set amount per word). We ask that applicants make a decision as to which position they are truly interested in, and apply to only one. We do not allow our editors to do both jobs, so we do not want applicants to apply for both positions simultaneously.

Please find the job descriptions below:

Content Editor:

A content editor is expected to read submissions and acquire projects for publication that suit Samhain, and above all tell a fantastic story. You will be expected to analyze submissions with a discerning eye, and to write acceptance or rejection letters as needed.

As a content editor, your main job is to edit the story, paying attention to things like plot inconsistencies, character behavior, pacing, and choreography. It is vitally important to respect author voice, while at the same time placing the needs of the reader in the forefront of your mind. Editors act as first readers—if something does not make sense to you, chances are it will not make sense to the reader.

In addition to content editing, you will be expected to do some basic copyediting as well—catching typos, punctuation, and grammar issues as you go along. Though we do use Final Line Editors for all our books, the manuscripts are expected to be as clean as possible when turned in.

Our editing process is extremely thorough, and requires content editors to be willing to put time and effort into each book. We have a house style that you will be expected to follow, and expectations for how edits will be completed and books will be turned in. If hired, you will initially work closely with a senior editor to ensure that you learn the correct standards for bringing a project from submission to final manuscript.

We are looking for content editors who can devote a minimum of 30 hours a week to this position.

If the position of Content Editor at Samhain Publishing sounds right for you, please send an email inquiry with attached resume to:

Final Line Editors:

Your job can almost be summed up in one sentence—make it perfect. A final line editor acts as a proofreader and copy editor—hunting down typos, punctuation, and grammar issues, as well as querying language or scene inconsistencies you may find in the course of your edit.

We have a house style (we use CMoS aka Chicago Manual of Style) which you will follow when you are editing, and some handbooks that will help explain the process better. Whereas content editors acquire the manuscripts and spend quite a lot of time working with them before turning them in, as a FLE you will only be doing one comprehensive edit per project.

As freelancers, your work schedule may fluctuate, but we would like a final line editor to be able to edit at least one book a month.

If the position of Final Line Editor at Samhain Publishing sounds right for you, please send an email inquiry with attached resume to


Cover Artists

Interested applicants should send a letter of inquiry to the Art Department. Applicants will be asked to provide a portfolio/samples of their artwork.


Interested in writing for us?

Samhain Publishing seeks well-written works that engage the reader for our special projects. We encourage the author to let their muse have its way and to create tales that don't always adhere to trends. One never knows what the next trend will be or when it will start, so write what's in your soul. These are the books that, whether the story is based on "formula" or an "original", are written from the heart, and can keep you up reading all night!

For details, read our submissions page.

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