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Genesis of a Story

By On Jun 20 2011, 12:35 pm


Breaking Free, my erotic Regency-set romance, had the roots of its inspiration in a very strange place—Pride and Prejudice. Yet it wasn’t the romance between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy that stirred my creative juices, but the fate of one of literature’s most oblivious characters, Elizabeth’s sister, Lydia. Here was a very young girl who gets herself entangled with a rake of the worst kind and, in the end, thinks she’s come up roses. What kind of life would she really have, and what happened, I wondered, to all those other young girls who, through circumstance or stupidity, found themselves similarly bound?

And so Claire, my heroine, was born. Although nowhere as silly or oblivious as Lydia, she too finds herself wed to a libertine and drawn into his world of sexual profligacy. After he dies she’s left clinging to the fringes of Society, knowing she will never be able to regain the respectability her deceased husband stole with his actions.

When she meets Xavier, a man who believes himself incapable of inspiring true passion in a woman, the scene is set for a seductive romance neither is expecting—and neither know what to make of. In the world they live in there can be nothing permanent between them, no matter how their hearts yearn to be together. I hope you enjoy the excerpt below, and the story of two lonely souls that find passion and solace in each other.

Anya Richards

Journeys Through Seduction


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