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Author Spotlight: Romancing the Geek

By On Jul 23 2014, 9:00 am

Get What You Need by Jeanette GreyI’ve never made any secret of the fact that I love a good geeky hero. Sure, geeks can be portrayed as ungainly and unbearably awkward on TV sometimes, but they have so much potential. They’re smart. They’re witty. They’re passionate about what they do.

And most importantly, they’re layered.

Perhaps my favorite thing about a really good, compelling geeky hero is the mixture of confidence and insecurity. This is a sweeping generalization, but I tend to think of geeks as being masters of their fields. They’ve always been good at their chosen areas of expertise, and when they’re in their domain, they own the playing field. Take them out of that comfort zone, though? Instant vulnerability as they’re forced to contend with things they can’t control.

Take a social situation, for example. While there’s nothing saying a geek can’t have a rich social life, buried at the heart of every one of them, I like to imagine there’s a kernel of the kid who didn’t get picked for the kickball team back in second grade. Being different from their peers has always set them apart, and it informs everything they do, even as relatively well-adjusted adults.

Greg London, the hero of my new book, Get What You Need, is a geek, through and through. He’s a graduate student in engineering, and he typifies this confident/insecure dichotomy. He’s always been good at school work, and he’s thrown himself into his studies with abandon. Anyone on the outside who looks at him would see a successful, driven young man. His housemate, undergraduate jock Marshall Sulkowski sure does.

But when Marsh comes onto him, Greg is paralyzed by that part of him that’s still a seven year-old boy with glasses, desperate not to be the last person chosen for a team in gym class. He thinks he’s boring, and that the glasses Marsh frankly finds dead sexy are ugly and unsightly on him. His unwillingness to believe that attractive, self-assured, popular Marsh could really want a relationship with him is one of the things that sets them off on a rocky trajectory together.

Throw in the fact that he’s a work-a-holic with communication issues?

Well, let’s just say that it’s a damn good thing Marsh sees what a brilliant, amazing person lives inside this geek.

And it turns out that Marsh is just the man to help bring that geek out of his shell and show him he’s deserving of love, sex, happiness, and so much more. Read more…

What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

By On Dec 30 2013, 9:37 am

New Year’s Eve. Valentine’s Day. You birthday, your anniversary. For all of these sorts of events, it feels like people start asking you months ahead of time: what are your plans? And the pressure, man, the pressure. I think it’s somehow the worst for New Year’s Eve because there are all these images of fancy [...]

All in Favor of a Mature Hero, Say “Aye”!

By On Dec 27 2013, 7:00 am

 Here’s the thing…I write about bull riders a lot, and in that sport, sad but true, thirty is considered old. So many of my cowboy heroes and heroines for the Studs in Spurs series have been younger. That’s why it was a really nice change to write an older hero for the final offering in [...]

Most Asked Question – Where do you get your ideas?

By On Jul 10 2013, 9:23 am

Okay, maybe it’s in the top five questions asked?   There’s always someone who will ask about money, and at least one who will make a silly comment about sex research.   (For some reason you don’t have to have experience to write a murder, but they always seem to ask romance writers about sexual experience, even [...]

Adventures in the Supermarket

By On Jun 19 2013, 8:00 am

Hundreds of years ago men went out hunting in order to feed their families. It was a dangerous business. The women were gatherers, collecting berries and edible plants to round out their diets. Fast forward to modern times. These days we do our hunting and gathering at the supermarket. While we don’t have to worry [...]

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