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By On Jun 3 2012, 5:28 pm

Just recently my book SECRETS AND SEDUCTION was released in print. A great celebration indeed, and when I booked this spot for blogging, I really should be writing about my heroine’s desperate race to protect her child though secretly the child isn’t hers and the hero Mac Grainger wants to take the little girl away from her.
And while I could tell you all about the foibles of these characters, what is really on my mind this weekend is the Golden Jubilee for Queen Elizabeth. World over there is interest in a modern day monarch who has reigned for sixty years. As a child I remember deciding that when I grew up I wanted to be a queen. Not simply a princess, but I was going for the top job.
Why are we so enamored with royalty?
I think it is that they bring us mere mortals relief from the real world of bill paying and the grind of playing mum’s taxi service to the family. And we get this from reading too.
Reading about rich millionaires, women who are strong and determined, and maybe throw in a prince or princess or some form of royalty just tips our hum drum world over the edge and we can lose ourselves for a short while in a world of make believe.
But then that world is real for a very small few.
Take Princess Diana – catapulted at a scarily young twenty year old into a world that was old and fixed on propriety. Okay, so she was in fact from aristocracy, in fact some say her lineage was more royal than the Windsors themselves. But being hurtled head long into a world where everyone had an opinion of what you did, said, wore, where you went, must have been overwhelming at time, and it’s no wonder that Diana wanted to get off the roller coaster. However, what she actually got off the treadmill was not all of the above but because of love, or lack of it. So it just goes to show that love is what matters far and above the riches of royalty. It’s people and hearts that matter.
This too is what matters in our books. We write about a Princess trying to find her way, in love with a man whose past doesn’t let him think love is his for the taking. Real life problems, but with the added problem of a world watching through the lens of a camera at royals they think live in a PERFECT world.
Just goes to show. Life isn’t necessarily greener.
Then we seem to have a love affair with sheikh books, a surprising anomaly given past events. But these enigmatic men of the desert have drawn readers in since Valentino graced our black and white screens and
Laurence Olivier crossed the desert.
As a writer we are in worlds of our making, some real and others not so real. But we must bring a definitely reality to our characters, make them believable, quite a difficult task if your characters are princes and princesses. But first and foremost they are people. And everyone as my granny used to say put their trousers on the same way – one leg at a time, and I guess this is exactly the same if you’re royal too.
And today world wide people are viewing the flotilla of boats sailing down the Thames in London. What a spectacle, one that hasn’t been replicated for over three hundred years. Something we can tell our grandchildren about watching, albeit on television from the other side of the world in my case. However, an aunt of mine was standing outside Buckingham Palace sixty years ago today as the new Queen came out on the balcony during the Queen’s Coronation. Now THAT is a memory.
And so today we have fallen in love with royalty all over again. It gives us a smile, hope, joy, and the modern day royals gives little girls dreams that maybe, just maybe they could be the next Kate Middleton because only a few generations ago this regular English girl’s ancestors were coal miners.
See, you too can be a royal, and if not, then delve into a story and lose yourself in fantasy for a few hours.

Happy reading
Jane Beckenham

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