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Eight New eBooks on SALE ~ July 10, 2012 releases!

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What's New in eBook at Samhain!
Publication Date: July 10, 2012

Keeping Secret Keeping Secret by Sierra Dean
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Shape-shifters, Vampires
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-61921-152-0, Series: Secret McQueen
Price: $5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

Something old, something blue, something deadly…what else is new?

Secret McQueen, Book 4

It’s a nice day for a white wedding. At least that’s what Secret McQueen is hoping for, with her poofy-princess-dress marriage to a werewolf king looming closer and closer by the day. But as ever, nothing can be that easy for a vampire/werewolf hybrid for whom someone still harbors a death wish.

Summoned to the south by her werewolf uncle, who makes no bones about the fact her mate bond with Lucas doesn’t pass muster, Secret learns her furry heritage looks more like a tangled vine than a family tree. Getting her royal uncle’s blessing hinges on finding one of the missing twigs. Even with vampire sentry Holden Chancery at her side, she manages to land up to her neck in a swamp of trouble.

As an assassin’s scope zeroes in, family dramas boil up and a fast-collapsing love square threatens to bury her alive, making it to the church on time could be the least of Secret’s problems.

Product Warnings: Contains a grumpy bride who shouldn’t be wearing wedding white, a motley crew of bridesmaids, a dangerous scenic drive in the woods and a smoking-hot trio of suitors who might be too scorching to touch.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Fournicopia Fournicopia by Delilah Devlin
Genre: Contemporary, Red Hots!!!, Ménage & More, Men In Uniform
Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-61921-187-2, Series: Delta Heat
$3.50 Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

Forget the sugar. Send her the spice.

Delta Heat, Book 2

Gus Taggert knows a setup when he sees one. The doughnut shop his police officer buddies have sent him to, Cornucopia, is too frilly. Too pink. Then the woman behind the counter serves up a mini-lesson in submission that leaves him ready and willing to obey her order to see her tonight at La Forge BDSM club.

The large, burly cop is exactly the kind of alpha guy that newly minted Domme Aislinn Darby has been dying to tie up and spank. Yet after she puts him through his paces, she finds herself eager to let him take control—something she’s never before enjoyed with a man.

Determined to find out once and for all if she has what it takes to control a scene, she orders him up for one more go. Only this time, she intends to ensure he remembers who’s in charge. She’s even willing to offer a little bribe: accept her dictates, and his reward is her—any way he wants her.

Except when it’s time for payback, it comes with several twists she never saw coming.

Product Warnings: When a male sub decides to turn the tables on his pretty Domme, he calls for backup from his best friends. Contains scenes with m/m/f, m/f/m, f/f, spanking, restraints, and an orgy of pleasure no woman can resist.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Wicked Wicked by Nikki Duncan
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-61921-168-1, Series: Whispering Cove
$3.50 Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

He’s sailed the seas for adventure…and found the sexiest one back at home.

Whispering Cove, Book 3

Danica Kent, MD, has settled into her new role as a small-town doctor. She caters to her Whispering Cove patients, especially the rum-drinking, poker-playing, town grandfathers who have their hands in a bit of everything. But when one of those patients brings her face-to-face with her high school crush, the work she’s done to reinvent herself falters.

Braydon Mitchell sails around the world writing freelance magazine articles. With no desire to settle down, he’s successfully avoided his grandfather’s pleas to come home…until now. Returning out of worry for the old man’s health, Braydon finds old friends in town for their high school reunion. And something he hadn’t expected. Danica, the awkward teenage geek who’s all grown up—and filled out in all the right places.

From their first touch, erotic sparks make Braydon want everything he isn’t built for—small-town stability, a strong woman’s love, family. And Danica wonders if Braydon has dropped anchor for good…or if her lover will be gone with the next tide.

This book has been previously published.

Product Warnings: Sweet, stunning, single doctor seeks strong, sexy sailor for sailing, snuggles and plenty of batten-down-the-hatches and hold-on-tight lovin’. Meddling grandfathers can please butt the hell out.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Worth the Risk Worth the Risk by Karen Erickson
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-857-0, Series: Worth It
$5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.85

How to make a strong man fall hard? Refuse him.

Worth It, Book 2

Hunter Worth lives life to the absolute fullest. As vice president and head of brand marketing for Worth Luxury Goods, he’s brought his family’s business firmly into the twenty-first century. Ruthless yet charming, he’s now set his sights on the sexiest member of the marketing team. First thing on his agenda? Seduction.

Gracie Hayes needs her job at Worth—and she’s not about to let the gorgeous owner and her direct boss distract her—again. Orphaned, and with a rough childhood behind her, she’s worked too hard to compromise everything for a fling, no matter how tempting. Independent, strong and resourceful, she will fight off Hunter. She has to.

Flirting, stolen kisses, a few nights of scorching hot sex…Hunter has all that in mind and more with the delicious Gracie. He never figures he’d fall in love or that she’d deny him. How will Hunter convince Gracie he’s the one for her?

Product Warnings: Contains yet another one of those sexy, bossy Worth brothers, though this one is too full of charm for his own good. Watch as he falls hard—and watch as she tries her hardest to dodge his every attempt at seduction.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Wet Wet by Cathryn Fox
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-61921-166-7, Series: Whispering Cove
$3.50 Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

A look, a kiss, a taste of melted chocolate…

Whispering Cove, Book 2

Celebrity chef Kathleen Wilson has returned to Whispering Cove for her high school reunion. Tired of big-city life, she’s looking forward to relaxing in the quaint fishing village. The one thing she’s not looking forward to is facing the boy from her past. The boy she turned her back on ten years ago. The same boy she has never gotten over.

Firefighter Trent Parker has never given up on reuniting with his Katy. When he hears she’s back in town, he figures the quickest way to show her where she really belongs is to launch an all-out, blatant campaign of seduction. An accident with a fire hose leaves her soaked—and ignites a firestorm of need in them both, with only one way to extinguish the flames.

Soon they’re burning up the sheets, but when morning comes and the smoke clears, Katy faces a choice she never thought she’d have to make again. To leave for another ten years…or admit that the heat between her and Trent isn’t about to burn out.

This book has been previously published.

Product Warnings: A dash of chocolate, a celebrity chef and a sexy firefighter who knows as much about starting a fire as how to put one out.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Silken Shadows Silken Shadows by Jennifer St. Giles
Genre: Paranormal
Length: Novel, ISBN: 978-1-60928-377-3, Series: Killdaren
$5.50 Limited time sale-priced for $4.55

A ghost whisperer. A devilish captain. A killer thirsting to destroy their passion…

Killdaren, Book 3

On the day of her sister’s wedding ship, Gemini Andrews’s spirit heard the siren call of the sea. Over the past year it has become a friend that whispers to her heart, promising a full, blessed future.

That future is threatened by a string of gruesome murders that are too similar to those of a killer who vowed to destroy her sisters to be coincidence. She knows her psychic gifts can stop this evil, but her sisters think her too delicate. The enigmatic Captain Deverell Jenson, who stole her heart with one Christmas kiss, thinks her too young—for anything.

Determined to prove them all wrong, Gemini steals aboard Deverell’s Northrope-bound Black Dragon. Never realizing she is about to sail into a storm of passion as deep as the ocean…and a battle that will threaten not only their lives, but their eternal souls.

Only Deverell, a man too haunted by his past to believe in a future, has any hope of discovering the truth before the evil destroys them both.

This book was previously published.

Product Warnings: Contains a devilish captain, scorching nights, and an evil that will chill you to the bone.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Wild Wild by Mackenzie McKade
Genre: Contemporary
Length: Novella, ISBN: 978-1-61921-167-4, Series: Whispering Cove
$3.50 Limited time sale-priced for $2.45

Memories made her run. Family forced her home. Only love can make her stay.

Whispering Cove, Book 1

Ten years ago, a tragic accident drove Andie Adair away from her family, friends and fiancé in Whispering Cove. A dark secret has kept her away from the sleepy seaport village, until she receives an ambiguous telephone call from her grandfather. He’s in the hospital. Desperate to cling to her only living relative, she races home—and straight into the arms of the one man she can’t bear to face.

Sheriff Brody McGrath built a life without the woman of his dreams, but when the prowler he catches turns out to be Andie, he isn’t prepared for the onslaught of emotions—grief, regret, heartache, and love. There is no denying the old spark between them still burns brightly, but love may not be enough to defeat Andie’s demons and allow her to live again.

This book has been previously published.

Product Warnings: Add one part high school reunion, one part poker bet, mix with three meddling, matchmaking grandfathers. Result, one long-overdue romance with enough heat and sparks to burn up the pages.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!

Sexual Shift Sexual Shift by Beverly Rae
Genre: Paranormal, Red Hots!!!, Ménage & More, Shape-shifters, Angels & Demons
Length: Category, ISBN: 978-1-60928-875-4, Series: Magical Sisters
$4.50 Limited time sale-priced for $3.15

He’ll fight like a demon to keep her safe—Heaven and Hell be damned.

Magical Sisters, Book 3

After her parents’ deaths, Hilly Tristan sacrificed anything resembling a social life to raise her two sisters. Now that they’ve settled down with loves of their lives, it’s finally her turn to find a man of her own. Trouble is, she doesn’t go for the bar scene, and online dating seems, well, desperate—even if she could find a site that caters to shape-shifters.

The offspring of a demon and a once-fallen angel, Tanner Cage comes by his playboy lifestyle honestly. Blessed with a few special powers of his own, settling down with one woman isn’t even on his radar. The captivating Hilly, though, tempts him to do just that.

Hilly figures she can handle any bad boy, even the son of a demon. Handling his evil mommy dearest’s schemes to keep them apart? That’s another kettle of brimstone—and bed full of buxom broads. There’s only one thing to do: fight sex with sex to win back the man of her dreams.

Except Tanner’s mother is mad enough to spit lightning bolts, which means staying together risks getting the shock of their lives—or deaths.

Product Warnings: The book isn’t called Sexual Shift for nothing. Be prepared for sex that will make your heart pound, then have you holding your breath in anticipation. Go-for-anything sex between a demon-angel and a shape-shifter makes for more fire than even Hell can handle.

Read an excerpt, find reviews and more at Samhain!


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