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What did they do all day?

By On Jun 20 2013, 6:16 am

One challenge with writing TIMELESS and TIME WEAVER was having my characters in the great outdoors so much of the time. We’re talking wild, wild wilderness, mind you, not the beach or a national park. For a modern-day character, being thrust back into the forest primeval is both intoxicating and disorienting. And for someone like me who – well let’s face it, I’m an indoors kind of person with my iPad and my NetFlix subscription – it’s downright intimidating.

My heroines adapted with amazing grace but, by the end, Cassie was yearning for her mascara and conditioner, andShannonwasn’t thrilled about giving birth in the middle of nowhere. Plus, they only brought the clothes on their backs, so when their jeans and T-shirts and running shoes (and bras) wore out, they were doomed. Read more…

Time Travel

By On Feb 28 2013, 10:06 am

Some people believe time travel is possible, some don’t.  In either case, the subject elicits shockingly strong opinions, as I first discovered when Timeless was released in paperback, and thereafter, whenever I mentioned to anyone that I was writing other time travel stories. Why does this surprise me? Well, if I tell someone I’m writing [...]

Genre hopping

By On Jan 18 2013, 9:00 am

Tagged as Time Travel, writing

Do you like science fiction? And historical romance? And romantic comedy? And thrillers/horror? Fantasies, spy stories, the works? That’s me – as a reader and a moviegoer – and I suspect 50% of the population is the same. So naturally, when I started writing, I jumped around. Unfortunately, as a genre-hopping writer, there’s a downside. [...]


By On Nov 6 2012, 1:00 am

Lady of Fire is a time-travel romance and is the first novel I ever wrote on my own.  Prior to that, a friend and I wrote three novels together and we learned a lot, but this book was all mine.  In 1995 I began sending it to the major New York publishers and it sold [...]

Best friends forever

By On Oct 26 2012, 9:00 am

My heroines are usually much more daring than I could ever be, so I love seeing the world through their eyes. Even in real life, I tend to make friends with bold, hilarious women, and then live vicariously through their crazy exploits. It’s no wonder I do that in my books too, right? Thanks to [...]

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