Author Traci Hall

Traci Hall is new to the YA publishing world – but far from new when it comes to understanding the teen brain – which is most complex.

Having barely survived being a teenager, Traci decided to raise them as well. Character studies, their feeding habits, and even their lack of hearing skills, has challenged her in ways she never imagined when the bunny, er, died.

Happily married forever to the same great guy, who shares Traci’s dedication to reliving the worst of their teen years, Traci has two teenagers, an XBOX 3, PLAYSTATION 3, and WIRELESS INTERNET for all five of their computers. Traci spends a fortune on those chicken soups that you just need to add water to (minus the veggies, of course) and Cream Soda. Easy Mac, brownies and delivery pizza make up the rest of the menu at Chez Hall. At any given time there are four to twenty teens just hangin’ out.

She wouldn’t have it any other way!

Please feel free to contact her, or snoop into her biz, at the following web addresses!