Ship of Dreams

February 10, 2009
Romance, GLBT, Historical
Natalie Winters
Lindsey Faber

An attraction fated to go down in history…if they survive.

Liar. Thief. Con man. James Hyde keeps these labels well hidden under the veneer of a high-class gambler. He knows how to charm his way to where the money is, and right now it’s aboard the world’s must luxurious ship, ripe for the taking. From the moment he locks eyes with Will Woods, though, James is tempted. Tempted, for once, to be the kind of man that another can trust with his heart.

Will is sailing toward everything he’s ever wanted: marriage and family. His instant attraction to James is a complete surprise—and too powerful to ignore. In his arms, Will rediscovers passion he’s kept long buried. And it tempts him to abandon the safety of wealth and position. Perhaps even his family’s good graces. All for James—a man who is only now beginning to understand the meaning of honor.

Then there’s the last obstacle standing in their way. Their ship of dreams…is the Titanic.

Product Warnings

Contains explicit m/m sex in darkrooms, staterooms and steam rooms. Cameo appearance by a large, threatening iceberg.

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