La Bonne

March 13, 2007
Romance, Red Hot, Erotica
Ménage & more Lesbian Aristocracy
Anne Cain
Laurie Rauch

A young woman from the mean streets of modern Europe finds true love in the ranks of the aristocracy…in the most untraditional way.

How do you get a playboy prince to take an arranged marriage seriously, especially when his fiancée is eighteen and as innocent as fresh snow? Hire a young woman from the wrong part of town to turn her into a mantrap, of course.

But what happens when the maid discovers that awakening passion in her noble mistress touches her in ways she had not expected? And when the prince decides he’s ready to settle down for good…with the maid!

Now the maid must find a way to answer the age-old question. Was Marie Antoinette right—can she have her cake and eat it too?

A light-hearted and very erotic romp through France and the Mediterranean, with a prince, a princess, an unruly ex-boyfriend, wicked paparazzi, fabulous jewelry, a royal wedding, and the luckiest maid in the world.


I really liked the mix of heart and humor, fantasy and realism. I also loved the brassy narrative voice and deft characterization of the maid, a noble young woman who doesn’t recognize her own worth. I challenge anyone to read La Bonne and not be charmed.  Dear Author — Grade A

Michele de Lully is probably one of the greatest authors of erotic romance I've ever read. It kills me she's only authored three jewel-like novelas, but even if she never publishes again these books set a unique standard in erotic romance and erotica.  Goodreads reviewer M A — 4 Stars

Product Warnings

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, lesbian sex, anal sex, ménage à trois.

Ta-Mela J -
This book was hot! I purchased it based on a review from Dear Author and I have to say it is the best m/f/f I've ever read.

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