Bachelor Number Four

August 2, 2011
Romance, Contemporary, Red Hot
Ladies, start your search engines…

The closest Arden Walsh has been to a naked male booty in over a year and a half is a DVD ogling session with her friend Lida’s “posse.” Not that anyone could blame a widow with two young daughters. At this stage in her life, a relationship is not in the picture. A little hot sex? Definitely.

After another disaster date leaves more than a bad taste in her mouth, she has to admit it. The only man worth black stilettos and red lipstick is the one for whom she once threw caution to the wind, and never since—not even for her husband. Twelve years, and she can still taste the bittersweet memory of Shane Donner.

In a keystroke, a search engine connects the past with the present. As sparks fly from her fingertips to his, she begins to wonder if a screen full of seduction is enough to forge a future.

This title was previously published but has been revised and expanded for Samhain Publishing. 
Product Warnings
Contains explicit language, sexual content, not-safe-for-work instant messages, and fantasizing about Keanu Reeves and the hero (but not at the same time!). 
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