Out of the Shadows

August 16, 2011
Romance, Paranormal & Alternate Worlds, Paranormal, Multicultural
Demons Shape-shifters Werewolves Gods and goddesses Multicultural
Shadow Warriors
Scott Carpenter
Mary Hamilton
When the last shadow warrior falls, so will all humanity.

Shadow Warriors, Book 1

With each demon he vanquishes in service to the Aztec sun god, Tomás fulfills his duty to defend humankind—and surrenders another piece of his humanity to his wolf spirit. All hope seems lost until a mission leads him to the door of the one thing he thought he’d never find…his spirit mate. The only woman who can save him from oblivion.

When Carolina hears the wolf’s howl, it pierces the very core of her lonely heart. Yet she dare not answer. As the last guardian of her land and the secret it contains, she is haunted by the mistake that cost the lives of her family. Never will she repeat that mistake, especially with a warrior who is more beast than man.

Chasing away the demon is easier than breaching the barriers around the heart of the young woman who possesses a strange power over water—and his very soul. But if they are to survive the night, he must convince her they are destined to stand together.  

Product Warnings

Contains a hero in a losing battle to control his inner beast and a heroine with the strength to tame him. Epic battles and dark secrets liberally spiced with destined love culminate in a fight for all humanity. 

Ronda T -
Aztec Mythology with a paranormal twist – totally loved it. The suspense has you on the edge of your seat in this short fast pace story. The Sun God, Goddess, Warrior, Guardian, wolf spirit, and evil demon filled this story with so much excitement just within the first page that I couldn’t believe the author packed all the action within 50 pages leaving me with wanting to know more about this pantheon of the Aztec world. The brutal fighting scenes between the warrior and the demon are thrilling and blood thirsty. There wasn’t much romance within the story due to it being so short but I loved the idea of how the spirit wolf’s (warrior) mates calling to each other that brought on uncontrollable desire towards each other with such fierce passion that it left me glued to each sentence throughout the hot erotic love scene. I only wanted more. Enjoyable read and I look forward to reading more of this authors work.
Tami V -
If you’re looking for a jam packed quick read, then this is for you. This novella is full of lush descriptions and enough Aztec history to make you turn the page for more. Carolina tries to be just an ordinary woman, but there is nothing ordinary about her and as a reader you know that from the first words. Add in Tomas, an ancient Aztec Shadow Warrior, and you can feel the soul searing sparks between these two characters burn up the pages as they work together to conquer their unknowns.

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