December 4, 2012
Horror, Demons & Devils
United states
Scott Carpenter
Don D'Auria
A tattoo can be a work of art…or a curse. The devil is in the details.

The fearsome griffin inked on Jason’s arm looks real enough to climb off and take flight. Jason thinks his new tattoo is perfect. Until he wakes up one night to find his arm temporarily ink free. Until he finds a brick wall where the tattoo shop should be.

As Jason’s world spins out of control, he comes to realize a truth as sharp as the griffin’s talons. The tattoo is alive, it’s hungry, and if Jason tries to kill it, he’ll die. The artist will remove it for a price, but he’s not interested in money or Jason’s soul. He wants something far worse…

Ted T -
I was thrilled to find Damien Grintalis was finally getting a novel published as I had read numerous short stories published by her over the recent years. In this debut novel, her voice really does come through, and it leaves one with a feeling that they've just read what a horror novel is supposed to be. Not that this is a conventional novel or story, but that she builds the mood at the right pace--something that seems to lack in a number of novels. And by the time you realize what is happening, you're emotionally invested in the characters so you'll have to turn the page. The mood-building and atmosphere reminds me a bit of M.R. James and how the characters find themselves strapped in for the long-haul. All told, this was very well executed. Something else that needs to be said about Ink: There is a certain purity about it I appreciate. All too often I've read novels where the writer wants to tell me about how they voted, or what they think about the environment, or some labor issue. I've gotten tired of it, honestly. Thankfully, Ms. Grintalis keeps this story on-target. This is a good read. I've been telling my friends about it and recommend it to everyone.

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