Primitive Nights

January 8, 2013
Romance, Contemporary, Mainstream
Biracial International Native american Multicultural
Lyn Taylor
Jennifer Miller
Two different worlds…one distinct love.

As a member of Endurance International, Myla Jordan seeks to stop the illegal logging, diseases and displacement that threaten primitive South American tribes. While posing undercover as an engineer for one of the biggest industrial culprits—InterCorp—her helicopter crashes, stranding her in the Peruvian jungle. Captured and dragged before a tribal leader, she’s shocked by his light skin, green eyes, perfect English—and her body’s instant reaction to his touch.

The woman wearing an InterCorp insignia—yet protesting her innocence—is a direct threat to Damon Hanson’s people, yet he can’t bring himself to let her be killed. Raised in the tribe, taught the ways of the outsiders by his English mother, he knows of only one way to protect the foolish woman. Toss her over his shoulder, declare she is his…and somehow resist the temptation she presents.

Their powerful attraction gradually—sometimes painfully—overcomes suspicion. Yet even as their love grows as fast and wild as the rainforest, it may not be enough to overcome the common enemy that seeks to destroy them all.

Product Warnings

With a modern-day Tarzan, who’s as wild and sexy as they come, being a captive has never been so…captivating.

John G -
Author Candi Wall’s PRIMITIVE NIGHTS launches the reader into the story with Myla Jordan narrowly escaping death from a fiery helicopter crash in the far reaches of a Peruvian Jungle. But it was no accident; the unscheduled flight doomed before it ever left the ground. As an undercover operative for an international humanitarian effort, Myla discovers too late that InterCorp wants her dead after she’d uncovered culpable evidence of a horrific plan – the corporation’s sinister blueprint for destroying a rain forest for its wealth of natural resources while quietly wiping out a rebelling population of primitive tribes with lethal contagions . Pulling herself from the burning wreckage remarkably intact, Myla suddenly realizes she has little hope of surviving even one night in a hostile wilderness of ravenous predators and poisonous reptiles. With slim odds of survival, InterCorp may yet get its wish. That is, if the tribespeople she’s trying to save don’t kill her first. And as fate would have it, the crash site becomes a beacon for primitive hunters who would be both her saviors and executioners. Dragged thrashing and screaming through the dense forest, her only thoughts now are when and how the end would come… The author quickly propels the reader forward with the genesis of a new and provocative character. Is he Myla’s savior or executioner? The author describes him as an apparition stalking at the shadowy edge of a sacrificial firelight, each movement sleek and fluid. His bronzed skin accentuates the muscles of a broad chest and shoulders, the scant cloth he wears brushing powerful thighs as the tribesmen part from his path. He stands, towering above her, soft green eyes fixing her with an allure that catches her breath. But it’s the tenor of his deep voice and impeccable English that stops Myla’s heart. As the story races forward, we discover that Damon’s mind and body is at war with itself. He sees himself as half a man – half native by birth – destined to lead his father’s people. But Myla, this woman, who’s fallen from the sky has given him a renewed sense of discovery, an undefined sense of peace he’d never experienced. From the moment he saw her, he knows his life will never be the same, for better… and for worse. With this strange and powerful feeling of love growing within, he realizes his challenge: With all his strength, cunning and knowledge as a warrior he must choose to protect a people who depend on him, at the risk of losing Myla to those who wish her dead – both from both within his world as well as the world beyond. Ms Wall shows us that real love sometimes bears a heavy burden…and a price. When Myla and Damon’s worlds clash in the grip of greed, death, and deception, the very promise of love falls victim as a consequence of sacrifice. The stakes are high and the conflict insurmountable in a story with intriguing plot twists that will keep the reader wondering if these two will ever find a place in each other’s life as their journey takes them from paradise to the depths of hell and then back. This story delivers a breathtaking adventure in the same flair as AVATAR. Except here, Myla Jordan, is the alien visitor who discovers a new world of wondrous beauty. She falls in love with its people, more determined now than before to save their lives and help preserve their culture and their innocence. And during these PRIMITIVE NIGHTS she’s come to love her captor, Damon, with all the romantic sensuality you’ll crave from this author with every new adventure she’ll likely take you on. A well crafted read. Loved it!! John Graceson~
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