Death of Heroes

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April 1, 2008
Romance, Paranormal & Alternate Worlds, Science Fiction
Infinity: Prime
Dawn Seewer
Sarah Palmero

She has to decide if she’s a hero…or just a killer after all.

Infinity: Prime, Book 1

Morrigan, immortal assassin and notorious party girl, is itching for a challenge to test her skills and the powers of her new agency—anything that’ll get her mind off Byron. Her interest in the young vampire goes a lot farther than professional regard, and she pulled every string she could reach to get him on her team. Thanks to his annoying code of ethics, though, he spurns her advances at every turn.

Bryon’s ideals won’t let him do anything the easy way, something in which Morrigan specializes. Where she’s concerned, fascination wars with suspicion and, generally, suspicion wins. He can trust her to do her job in the most ruthless way imaginable. Trust her with his heart and soul? Not going to happen.

Now Morrigan’s got what she wanted, the most challenging mission she’s ever undertaken. A war between human and superhuman factions has destroyed one of the variant Earths, and ArchAngel is sending her and a team back in time to change the outcome.

But to succeed, she’ll have to make the greatest moral choice of her life—do the job as she knows must be done, or risk the outcome to finally gain Bryon’s trust and acceptance.

It’s not the first time Morrigan’s ridden the edge of the knife. But this time one slip could cost everything that truly matters to her.

Product Warnings

This title contains violence, adult language, ethical and moral dilemmas.

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