The Pearl at the Gate

Short Story
June 24, 2008
Romance, Historical, Red Hot, Erotica
Dawn Seewer
Laurie Rauch

For her transgression, she will pay—with screams of forbidden pleasure.

After a lifetime of hard work, Captain Roake Barbenoir finally has all he has ever wanted. Wealth, social position, and the epitome of an ideal wife, the beautiful and well-born Jenesta. Of all his treasures, she is his favorite—a pearl, perfect and pure—and Roake vows never to tarnish her with the dark sexual knowledge he gleaned from a life at sea.

Yet every breath his sweet wife takes arouses an urge to watch her come apart under the onslaught of his passion. But she must never know of the lust-filled, almost demonic cravings fighting for release in his soul. To make her privy to them would be to lose her warm regard.

Each time Jenesta feels she and her enigmatic husband are growing closer, Roake withdraws behind a cold, unreadable mask. Perhaps if she knew him better, knew more of his past, she could learn how to win his heart. The answers surely lie behind the locked door of Roake’s east-wing retreat. The one he has forbidden her to enter.

Jenesta’s defiance of his one simple rule cannot go unpunished. For her transgression, she will pay—with screams of pleasure; sweet, exquisite pain; and perhaps with the loss of what she wants most. Roake, and his love.

Product Warnings

No demure Regency here! Graphic and explicit everything, including language and sex of all varieties (as could be expected from an Alpha male more accustomed to bordellos than ballrooms) and, be warned, your grandmother’s pearls will never look the same to you again.

Beckey W -
Enjoyable story set in regency time.. Where it was taboo (Hope I spelled that right) to say what you desired and desire things that were taboo... Interesting read If I say too much it this would end up being a spoiler...
Lindsay H -
Really enjoyed the book. Would recommend.
Paula H -
I loved the story, Kept me at the edge of my seat, and read it in one sitting. Hot, and steamy, I so enjoyed your story.

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