September 16, 2008
Romance, Contemporary, GLBT

High-powered stock trader. Simple handyman. Can they find common ground?

Will Spencer is a player with a reputation for using and discarding lovers as easily as he earns big money on Wall Street. Handsome, sexy and openly gay, he’s used to having whatever—and whoever—he wants at the snap of his fingers.

And what he wants now is his new handyman, Jack Crawford. But Jack is skittish. One lingering touch, one stolen kiss could send the older man into full retreat. Where Will might have quickly moved on to a more ready-and-willing partner, he unexpectedly finds himself wanting to go slow. With just a little coaxing, he’s sure he can show Jack how good it could be between them.

Jack, a recent widower, never thought of himself as gay. Frightened years ago by an erotic encounter with his best friend, he focused firmly on his marriage. Now that his bed is empty, however, those deep sexual longings are rising dangerously close to the surface.

Their connection is deep, instant, and one that Jack tries to ignore. Yet friendship grows into an erotic journey that must cross a divide of different generations, backgrounds and worlds.

The prize is the one thing neither is sure he can handle—true love.

Product Warnings

Hot, delicious male/male erotic romance. Danger: Explicit m/m sex.

Genevra K -
I have read all types of romance novels. I have to say this is one of my absolute favorites so far. It is the sweetest love story I have read. This was also the first Gay romance I have read and sense then, I have read just about all of Claire Thompson novels. This Story though was my favorite. The story and hero's felt so real to me and that is what I love about this book.
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